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Ask Lucy PT1

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I was blessed enough to sit down with Lucy, 91 years young, and ask her a few questions. She was kind enough to share some of her life with me.  I recorded our talk and transcribed it to share. I hope you enjoy!

Danielle: What is your full name?

Lucy: June Lucille Chapman.

Danielle: Really, your first name is June? Why did your parents name you that?

Lucy: Do you know that’s a funny story really? June is the month that was born in. So they made my first name June. Lucille, they told me because my Dad ex-girlfriend gave them a dozen diapers when I was born. Her name was Lucille.

Danielle: Why do you go by Lucy instead of June?

Lucy: Well my parents thought kids would tease me and change June into June-bug.

Danielle: So, you never had any other nickname like cutie pie or sweet pea?

Lucy: I had a friend, Max and he called me… let me see… well I can’t think what it was. Something about shoes. They had many nicknames for me but I can’t remember them now. That poor man died in his own airplane. That was when I was really young. He was from a family of twelve kids. He kind of liked me but I wasn’t interested in him.

Danielle: He wasn’t your type?

Lucy: No. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

Danielle: Oh no that isn’t crazy if he’s not your type… that’s okay. When and where were you born?

Lucy: I was born in Kirksville Missouri on June 28, 1927. Three years before the Great Recession.

Danielle: Oh, wow that’s awesome.

Lucy: And my parents lived in Missouri for a while. There was a terrible accident. My mother’s oldest brother was cleaning a gun and was sitting across from his mother. And he didn’t realize it had a bullet in it and he shot his own mother. My poor mother was 12 years old and she had to be raised by her older sisters.

Danielle: How many siblings did she have?

Lucy: Well I’m not sure I know she had a brother. I’ve never met any of them. Elmer and Fred and then she had, I think, Fred was maybe the youngest. I got that information from reading letters that she wrote to me. But Hazel was her sister that was younger than her. She was adopted by a family that was quite rich, because my aunt had a sofa that had her name on it, specially designed for her. I think I met her one time. She had a girl and a boy. They never kept in contact with me. I don’t know why.

It is kind of strange, to tell the truth about my childhood. My mother and father divorced when I was 12 years old because my mother said that we were starving, we didn’t have any food in the house. So, she left my dad. Well, my dad took us, three kids, my younger sister that lived and my younger brother to Kansas and I didn’t know where my mother was for 17 years.

My mother left to find work, so she could bring us food. The court awarded her custody. My dad kidnapped us. I was 13 when we left Montana where it’s really cold.

I was raised their form probably about the time I was 3. We had lived in Colorado when they were closing the estate of my mother’s parents. That was the first time I think God did a miracle in my life because I got paralysis in my leg and my Dad said I lived on raisin juice all winter long.

And then in the spring, I started walking with a limp. Well my little sister who was two years, a month and day younger than I. She’s in that purple dress but she’s gone now. She started chasing me and then I started walking. But that’s the first time I had paralysis my legs, I had it twice.

Danielle: How old were you when you had the second time?

Lucy: I was 23. My first husband I met him in Bible school, he was a preacher. We had moved to Yates Center Kansas because he got a call there to be an assistant pastor. And they had the flood there.

Well, when I was younger my dad didn’t believe in vaccination, so I didn’t get all the ones you get when you’re young that they give now.

And so, I spent six weeks in a clinic and they put boards behind my legs to try and make me walk. The best part of it was I had this intern that treated me, you know, for my legs. He didn’t believe in healing and I kept telling him the Lord healed. “Oh no. That’s just a story you’re telling me”. Well then after six weeks the Lord healed me. And I walked back in that clinic. He said, “Now I believe”.

Danielle: That is so good. LUCY

Lucy: Yeah, I can tell you time and time miracles God performed in my life. In my 91 years as you come and see me, I’ll tell you more God has done, and I say what he’s done for me He can do for anybody else.

And even more, if they believe, yes all they have to do is believe. That’s why I keep trying to believe for my hearing. Yeah, I don’t know how I lost it, but they said I have growth in this ear.

I just keep hoping and praying that God will open my ears, so I can hear. I have good eyes but not very good ears.

Danielle: He enhanced your eyes until your ears can hear well again.

Lucy: The Doctor smiled, and he said I hope when I’m 90 I have the eyes you have a 91. I had to get stronger reading glasses and that’s it. Isn’t that marvelous!

Danielle: Can I pray for your ears?

Lucy: You can pray for my ears. I gladly accept.

If you took the time to read some of Lucy story please take time to pray and praise God for her healing!

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