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Life Changing Prayer

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About a year ago I decided health needed to become a priority. I became tired over the years of getting sick every other month and missing out on things. So I prayed for help. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own from past attempts. Slowly but surely YAH (God) began to show me things. Ways I could improve my life.

Since this is my first blog I will give a run down on the different things that took place. A friend introduced me to something called “Eat Right For Your Blood Type“. When she described to me Holy Spirit shouted you need to do your research. So of course I did. That became the start of things. Understanding that we are all made differently and need to discover what works for who we are. It started seeing how some foods I would eat made me feel sick or tired after consuming it and how some foods gave me energy.

Next I became interested in cleansing my system out. I had heard from another friend how when she went to a holistic chiropractor she was told she a type of parasites in her belly. Gross, I know. Well that got me thinking why are they there and how can I get rid of them? I just assumed I had it to. It’s not like I was a clean eater or anything. I just had recently stopped eating pork. Thank YAH for that. But that is another blog topic. So my friend was told by the chiropractor to stop eating sugar for a while because the parasites feed and grow from sugar. So in my mind anyone with tummy aches, bloating it the belly… STOP eating sugar.

The next thing for me is not for everyone. I stopped eating MEAT! This is huge because my family are meat eaters. Well, right away I didn’t stop. For awhile I was only eating fish and turkey. I heard how my Pastor got mercury poisoning from eating fish so I stopped eating it. Plus my friend who used to work at Aldi said not to eat China farm raised fish because it wasn’t good for you. When I would look for fish all the labels would have USA flag on it but say in fine print China raised. LOL! So I said no more fish. But then I got carried away with turkey… smoked turkey to be exact. I was eating it every day just about because it tasted so good and close enough like bacon. It got so bad my ankles began to swell up. So with a combination of all of that plus the price of grass feed beef I said “that is it”. May 10th 2016 (Mexican Mother’s Day) I had my last salmon at Applebees with my best friend.

After that, I embarked on an adventure of moving. Moving my body that is. I work from home as Graphic Designer so I pretty much stay in one spot for hours. My husband would tell me to get up and move because he read stories of people who got blog clots. Just another motivation to get me moving. So I started by walking around the park and then I signed up for a gym membership. What I learned about this is if you eat right you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. Build up little muscles and let your body do the work. As long as you are moving and find the right activity for you, eat according to your blood type and cut out a lot of your daily sugar intake you will be healthy and losing weight wont be an issue.

So you see how awesome YAH is to answer my prayer. To put a desire in me to want to change my life for the better. To place people, situations and things in my path to mature me. He renewed my mind first before all of this happened. If my mind wasn’t right I guess none of it would have happened for me. So I praise Him for the wonderful journey I went on and still on.

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