New website for Danielle Smallwood! It has been over 13 years, 4 websites later and I finally designed a website for myself that I love. I like the layout so much. It’s what I have been looking to do for years. 2020 is my year to do the things I always wanted to do. The last website I had was created through zenfolio because of photography. I got it so that my clients could order prints, however I never used the service in 2019 so it was a waste. So I decided to go back to my favorite CMS, WordPress. Oh how happy I am to go back. I missed all of the features and plugins WordPress has. With zenfolio I was so limited on design and layout options. I couldn’t really go into the css or html to customize it to be how I wanted it. I’m so excited for my new look I had to create a new logo for myself.

I have always been a person of change. When I was a child I would change my room around several times a year. It would make me feel new, like I was in a new place and would bring me joy. I thought I would grow up and be a person that would travel around the world because I liked change so much. I heard it isn’t good to change your website too often because Google doesn’t like it. Maybe that is a myth but just in case I will try my best to leave my website the way it is for a longer time.

For the next couple months, ends March 2020, my old website will be available with a temporary domain through zenfolio. You can company the two sites while it is still up. old site

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