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Preschool & Daycare Portraits

Capture precious moments with Danielle preschool portrait service! Professional photo days at your preschool, daycare, or co-op. Fun, memorable, and hassle-free. Book now!


Calendar Booking Days

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Booking days available with Danielle

FAQ (Planning Portrait Day)

How do I book a portrait day?

 Inquiry for Booking a Portrait Session now online. Once you inquire I will contact you to confirm the details. 

What are range of children do you photograph?

specialize in preschool and daycare portraits, primarily for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. However, I’m happy to work with students of any age at your center.

Is there a minimum of number of students needed

Yes, I require a minimum of 15 children registered for portraits to bring my studio set and lights.

*If your center has fewer than 15 children, you can invite families to bring younger or older siblings, or reach out to friends who don’t attend your center.

Does it cost the facility/center anything too have portraits taken?

For 15 or more students, there is no cost to your center for the studio set. If there are fewer than 15 students, it will cost $10 per student for their photo to be taken. Payment is required one week before portrait day.

What backgrounds do you offer? Can we do Pre-cap & gown too?

I offer multiple backdrops for each season and let directors choose their preferences! Cap and gown photos can also be added to spring portraits if there is time or if an additional date is scheduled.

FAQ (During Portrait Day)

Do you offer sibling portraits?

For sure! All students with siblings will be photographed together and separately.

When do you schedule portrait sessions

Photos are taken first thing in the morning when the children are fresh, awake (and clean!). Depending on the number of students at your school and their age ranges, two days may be scheduled to ensure all students have the opportunity for top-notch portraits.

How long does each child's portrait session take?

Depending on the child’s age, the session can take anywhere from a minute or two to several minutes. I focus on connecting with each child to capture authentic smiles, so my school portraits are never done in an “assembly line” manner.

How many poses does each child get?

My goal is to give each child an individualized mini session. I take them through a series of standing, sitting, and prop poses. Each child will have at least 3 poses (depending on their willingness) and often 6 or more images to choose from. With my unique style of portraiture, every child will have a genuine, unique, and hopefully, fun experience.

FAQ (After Portrait Day)

How do parents place orders?

Everything is done online or through the phone. Parents will be given an access code through text or email to view their private gallery.  Parents order right there in the gallery; it’s even easy to view sibling galleries and check out all at once!

How long does it take to view proofs?

Galleries are available to view within a week of the shoot. Orders are shipped directly to the parent’s home via the lab.  

What types of payments are accepted?

All payments are processed through Stripe through PhotoDay. Supported payment methods Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, debit cards.

Can families make a second order or reorder additional prints? Are late orders accepted?

Certainly! All galleries remain online for 60-90 days. If a gallery has expired, parents can reach out to us directly.

Only Good Things to Say!

Danielle  is artistic, talented, patient and was fun for the boys to work with. The images were available for us very quickly and they turned out fantastic. I will absolutely be looking to work with her again. –Melanie Chiodo

Portrait Types

I typically visit your school twice a year. One of these visits is for the boutique portrait session, which I absolutely adore! During these elective sessions, parents register their children using advance pay, allowing me to spend more time with each child and capture their true personality. Other students can also take photos, but they will receive fewer poses and less time. The advance pay goes towards their order, and parents receive free shipping. Additionally, parents can share information about their children and provide special instructions when they sign up.

  • Elective Session: Only children whose parents advance pay through PhotoDay are photographed with special time and poses.
  • Participation: Typically, 50% or more participate in this session.
  • Individual and Sibling Portraits: I spend 5-10 minutes with each child and also create sibling portraits.
  • Proof Set: A typical proof set will have 10-15 images.
  • Online Gallery: Parents will receive a private online gallery to view and order their portraits.
  • Packages: Packages start at $50 with increasing discounts for larger packages.
  • Commission: I give a 10% commission back to your center.
  • Seasonal Sets: I create a new set each season.

Fresh. Fun. Focused. Simple settings where your child’s personality shines!

  • Each child will be photographed individually.
  • I spend 1-3 minutes with each child.
  • A typical proof set will include 3-6 images.
  • Parents will receive a private online gallery to view and order their portraits.
  • Packages start at $25, with increasing discounts for larger packages.
  • I give a 10% commission back to your school.
  • Multiple Poses: Your parents will LOVE their online galleries! In addition to the traditional yearbook headshot, I will capture your students in various poses, angles, and expressions, making parents happy.

  • If I come to your school for the mini-session, your campus is eligible for campus candids!
  • I photograph each child individually
  • Will spend 1-3 minutes with each child.
  • A typical proof set will have 3-6 images.
  • Your parents will receive a private online gallery to view and order their portraits.
  • Packages start at $50  and have increasing discounts for larger packages.
  • We give a 10% commission back to your school.
  • These images vary based on your facility and grounds…

Images for Marketing: Student candids, facility, or general school images.

  • I love to make you look awesome! If your website or marketing material needs refreshing, I can capture authentic images of your school, including:
    • General school images
    • Facility images
    • Candids of your students and staff
  • Complimentary Service:
    • This service is free if we provide both the Boutique Portrait Mini-Sessions and campus candids service to your facility.
  • Paid Service:
    • This service costs $500 if I do not photograph your students.

I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and discover if we can be of service to you and your parents!


Mission & Vision

My mission is to capture the genuine joy and unique personality of each child through professional, fun, and memorable preschool portrait sessions. I strive to create a comfortable and engaging environment where children can shine, providing parents with timeless, heartfelt photographs that celebrate their little ones’ precious moments.

My vision is to be the trusted choice for preschool portrait photography, known for my ability to connect with children and deliver high-quality images that families cherish. I aim to bring smiles to both children and parents, fostering lasting memories and making picture day a delightful experience for everyone involved.

Danielle has teamed up with PhotoDay to get you your Photos.


DFW Metro-Area

Shoot Hours

Tues & Thurs: 7am – 4pm


“I love capturing the joy and light in every child’s smile. Connecting with children quickly ensures each photo session is fun and memorable. Hearing that parents have cried after seeing their little ones’ faces gives me immense joy.”

Danielle Smallwood


Parents Access Private Gallery

FAQ (For Parents)

Do you photograph siblings?

Definitely! If more than one child attends the school, they will be photographed together and individually. You’ll receive a beautiful gallery for each child, with sibling images included in the youngest child’s gallery. Both orders can be placed at the same time!

Can you photograph infants

I specialize in capturing portraits of children from 6 weeks to 6 years old, ensuring that even the youngest “students” get their special photos. I will bring along a small seat poser to help with sitting poses, and sometimes I use props like baskets to add some extra charm to the portraits. Before trying any poses, I always check to see if the child is comfortable sitting and ready to participate.

When do I need to pay for pictures?

I do not require you to pre-order before seeing the images. You’ll make your selections in an online gallery a few days after the portrait date!

What types of payments are accepted?

Online ordering accepts all major credit cards via Stripe. 

Do you sell digital download / digital files?

Yes! Digital files are made immediately available for download as soon as our site processes the order.

Can Grandma / other extended family members purchase prints?

One great feature of the online gallery is that anyone with the passcode (or forwarded link) can place an order. This means that even if your family members are out of state or not local, they can still have their orders shipped directly to them!

*Please make sure to share this information with them. For security reasons, Danielle Smallwood Photography will only provide access to primary caregivers, as specified by the childcare center.

Can I see the photos before ordering? How do I order?

Absolutely! You will be sent a proofing gallery to view the images. All ordering is done online via a password-protected gallery. There is no pre-printing or viewing at pickup to purchase. 

How long does it take for portraits to arrive?

Orders are shipped directly to parents and usually arrive within about a week. 

My child was absent or did not want to cooperate. What can I do?

For any child who was not photographed or refused to be photographed, check the reshoot options or book a personalized session.

My child's school/daycare/co-op has used a different photographer. How do I recommend Danielle Smallwood Photography for the next season's photos?

There are rewards for parents whose schools book a portrait session with me through their recommendation and it’s super easy to do! Email for Details photography@daniellesmallwood.com



What Parents are Saying

Fantastic photos perfectly capturing my child’s personality.

Kara Coley

Parent at DasCHE

I absolutely love Danielle’s work. She captured my children’s unique personalities in their photos quickly and effortlessly.

Hannah Dapaah

Parent at DasCHE

Danielle does an incredible job of bringing the JOY in her pictures! It’s not easy to get teens to genuinely smile and show their authentic smiles, but she knows how to make it happen! The options for ordering are super easy to use and the pictures come lightning fast! She pours in to each picture she takes like it’s a priceless memory, and in doing so, makes it become one! Highly recommend!


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Get In Touch

Location: DFW Metro- Area

Telephone: ‪(817) 642-7341‬

Email: photography@daniellesmallwood.com

Hours: M-F: 8am – 4pm

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