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New website for 2020

By Danielle Smallwood · February 11, 2020

New website for Danielle Smallwood! It has been over 13 years, 4 websites later and I finally designed a website for myself that I love. I like the layout so much. It’s what I have been looking to do for years. 2020 is my year to do the things I always wanted to do. The […]

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One Page Website Design

By Danielle Smallwood · June 10, 2021

What is a one page website, and will your business or organization benefit from it? Let’s discuss if going the way of a traditional website vs more simple one will work best for your business. To clarify, a scrolling site can make your site mobile friendly and more affordable to build and maintain. In addition, […]


Saal Professional Line Photobook

By Danielle Smallwood · June 10, 2020

There has never been a Photobook like this before. At least I have never seen one! The quality is beyond what I ever expected.

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Covid-19, Great for Business?

By Danielle Smallwood · May 18, 2020

In this life we can always expect the unexpected. That is the category I put the coronavirus in for 2020.

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Wix websites new favorite

By Danielle Smallwood · May 7, 2020

My Wix experience was amazing. We’re confident you will do a great job despite it being your first time. Keenan Wix, my new best friend! There was a potential client that was following me for a while on LinkedIn. An owner of a construction company, He contacted me a few times regarding updating his website […]

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Hiring a Graphic Designer on Contract

By Danielle Smallwood · September 22, 2017

New businesses, small-midsize should have a trusted Graphic Designer they can call on any day of the work week. Some companies just don’t need a full-time Designer but they do need a go to person. I like to think of myself as that Graphic Designer. For the past 12 years I have had clients all […]

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How to get your business noticed online for FREE

By Danielle Smallwood · September 21, 2017

Getting visitors to your website is goal of every business owner. I know this because I depend on traffic online for my graphic design and photography business. I will be providing you with some of the top sources on how you can get noticed online for free. The websites that I link to are very […]

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