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Are you an Amazon seller looking to make a splash in the online marketplace?

Look no further – Danielle has your back!

Danielle specialize in providing top-notch photography and ad design services to elevate your Amazon product listings and skyrocket your sales. With her expertise, your products will stand out from the competition, captivate potential customers, and leave a lasting impression.

What to Expect


Professional Product Photography: Skilled photographer knows how to make your products shine. Cpture stunning images that highlight every detail and showcase your items in the best light possible.

Background Removal: Say goodbye to distracting backgrounds! Expertly remove backgrounds to ensure your products are the focal point of every image, maximizing visual impact.

Compelling Ad Design: Craft eye-catching ads that grab attention and drive conversions. From catchy headlines to irresistible visuals, Helping you tell your brand’s story and entice customers to click “Add to Cart.”

Personalized Service: Understanding that every product is unique, which is why Danielle takes a personalized approach to every project. Whether you’re launching a new product line or updating existing listings, tailored services to meet your specific needs and goals.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

But don’t just take Danielle’s word for it – satisfied clients speak for themselves! Check out glowing reviews and see why Amazon sellers trust Danielle to deliver results time and time again.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t let your products get lost in the sea of Amazon listings. Partner with Danielle and take your Amazon success to new heights!

Contact today to learn more about Contract Hours. Let’s turn your Amazon dreams into reality!

Success Stories

"Danielle is absolutely wonderful to work with! She designed our Shopify store, logo, Etsy banner, and business cards. All of her work is way beyond our expectations and we will only be working with her from now on. Danielle is fast and patient, professional and friendly. She provided us with peace of mind and confidence to move forward. Thank you so much Danielle!" - Jerry Knutson

Kenny Sing

"Working with Danielle has been amazing! She’s so talented in multiple areas she has become my one-stop-shop for graphic, website, and photography needs." - Stephané Boston

Ishtiaq Parag

"Danielle is very professional and wonderful to work with. She is great with making changes, good communication and quick turnaround. She is dependable, creative, and we highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you again Danielle and we appreciate you!!" -Janette Johnson

John Teh
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What is the cost?


5 images without background
3 ads

Cost $350

Additional: $50 per ad/product image


Other Option for multiple products to photograph: Contract Hours


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