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When photographing interior design for you

it’s all about showcasing the space’s beauty and functionality.

We’ll begin with a consultation to understand your vision and design goals. We’ll scout the location, set up our equipment, and meticulously style the space. Our focus is on achieving the best lighting and composition to capture the essence of your design. After the photoshoot, we’ll edit the images to perfection and provide you with a selection to choose from. Your feedback is crucial to ensuring your satisfaction. The final, edited images will be delivered in your preferred format, ready for your intended use. Let’s create stunning visuals that showcase your design at its best!

Client: Lopez Watts Interiors
4300 Waterford Glen Dr


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Out of Pocket

The cost of interior design photography, set at $275 per hour, encompasses not just the photography session itself but also the essential aspects of travel and meticulous editing. Travel expenses are included to ensure that the photographer can reach your location, whether it’s your home or a design project site. Additionally, the fee accounts for the time-consuming editing process, where the images are carefully refined and enhanced to meet the highest standards, delivering you a polished and professional final product. This comprehensive package guarantees the best results for your interior design photography needs.

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