10 Hours


Graphic Design and Photography Service in 10 bulk hours.

Seller’s Terms and Conditions
Danielle Smallwood (“Service Provider”) agrees to provide graphic design and/or photography services (“Services”) to Client once Client pays the Service Provider. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which the Services will be provided. The Service Provider agrees to provide up to 10 hours of creative work for the Client. Payment for this service will be made to Service Provider at the rate of $100 per hour, for a total of $1000 ( unless a promotion is offered). Any additional hours over 10 will be charged at the rate of $150 per hour, unless there is a new contract agreement.  All payments for services rendered will be submitted and paid through PayPal, in order to confirm this contract. The hours purchased through this contract do not expire. However, any expenses incurred on behalf of the client, such as stock photos and hosting fees, are not included in the initial contract price and will be billed to the client separately if needed. The results of any and all work performed by the service provider for the client, including original creative work, will become the property of the client. The client may use this material in any way that they deem appropriate.




If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality graphic design or photography work, my hourly contract service is a great option. I offer a variety of services including logo design, web design, photo editing, and more. I have a wealth of experience and skill in graphic design and photography, so you can be confident that I’ll complete your project to your satisfaction. Whenever the contract client needs a project completed, they simply email me the details and deadline, and I’ll get to work.