In this life we can always expect the unexpected. That is the category I put the coronavirus in for 2020. I am not much of a writer… some would even say horrible because I write how I talk. Which is not a great thing when you have a mixture of the Louisiana and Wisconsin way of speaking. But I want to express myself and share my experience so far when it comes to business as a Graphic Designer and Photographer during this time.

When this lockdown began, I was already getting into a grove of new clients. The work was steady…paying bills which, was a good thing. At the end of 2019 work was extremely slow due to the holiday season. I can never be surprised by that because it happens every year. For a week or two after everyone started staying inside due to Covid-19 some of the clients I was working with started taking precautions, but everything was still moving forward regarding the projects. In my mind I was thinking people are panicking over tissue it looks like things are going to slow down for me again. But to my surprise that was not the case!

What I realize now is that this Covid-19 crisis got people to thinking about their future and how they could make things better. People started to coming up with ideas for products and businesses. Ideas they thought about before but never pursued, Covid-19 lead them to reach for those things. Business owners saw this time as a great opportunity to rebrand and improve the image of their company. YAH (God) started sending people my way that I could be of service to which is what I always ask for. During this time, I was able to meet some wonderful people and work on some amazing and creative projects. I know some designers out there are having a hard time finding work, but I am not, and I am loving it. I feel so blessed to be able to work during this time.

My hopes are that everyone is taking this time to evaluate their life and how they can make things better. For myself, I am evaluating how I can do better and be better. I have been taking small courses to improve my skills and branching out, learning new programs to expand my services. What are you doing that will make your future better?

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