Getting visitors to your website is goal of every business owner.

I know this because I depend on traffic online for my graphic design and photography business. I will be providing you with some of the top sources on how you can get noticed online for free. The websites that I link to are very helpful and they may even provide you with additional options that cost some money, however I personally recommend using the free options first and once you bring in more customers or clients invest into the other options.

Thrive Hive

Discover the main ways to get noticed online.

  1. Target your website pages for keywords
  2. Structure your web pages for Google search
  3. Create more pages
  4. Get on online directories
  5. Get verified by Google
  6. Use compelling page titles
  7. Work with influencers
  8. Create quality content
  9. Optimize your images
  10. Use Google Ads
  11. Provide outstanding customer service
  12. Post to social media
  13. Be shareable
  14. Use local media
  15. Target your traffic

The Design Space

Google just wants to get to know you better and they give us plenty of tools to connect to them and let them know that your website wasn’t built by a spammy robot. Learn 5 easy things you can do to get noticed by Google make use of all of them.

Creative Bloq

You need to optimize your site so it can be found easily by search engines; tell people where your site is; and provide something good for visitors to read once they get there. What follows are 20 tips designed to help you get your site noticed.

I’m personally still working my way through some of these suggestions. I’m learning and expanding my territory when it comes to getting noticed online. For over a decade I have relied on word of mouth and it has been a blessing but I know there is more I must do if I’m going to pay bills. If I notice something has caused great change in my business getting recognized and traffic increase I will blog about it. Prayerfully I will be blogging soon!

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