Redesign Website

 Introducing the new website for Danielle Smallwood! After 15 years and 5 websites that were about as stable as a squirrel on a caffeine high, I’ve finally concocted a site for myself that I’m head over heels for. The layout is so dreamy; I’ve been chasing this website design dream for so long, it’s practically my version of a unicorn.

2024, people, is the year where I plan to finally check off all those things on my “I always wanted to do this” list, and my new website is leading the charge.

You see, after I became a web design maestro, crafting websites for clients left and right, I’ve been giddy with excitement to unveil the full splendor of my creative vision. It’s all about showcasing my work in a way that shines a spotlight on my clients and what they have to offer. It’s like giving my website a spa day, complete with a facelift and a fresh coat of digital paint.

Now, about my knack for change – let’s just say, it’s been a thing since my childhood. I used to rearrange my room more often than most people change their socks. It made me feel like I was in a whole new universe every time, and I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. I even dreamed of being a world traveler because, well, I adore change so much. But then I heard this wild rumor that Google doesn’t like it when you change your website too often. Now, I’m not sure if that’s fact or fiction, but just to be on the safe side, I’ll attempt to resist the urge to renovate my website every other week. Let’s see if I can keep my digital room in one place for a change! 😄🌍💻

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