My Wix experience was amazing.

Wix, my new best friend!

There was a potential client that was following me for a while on LinkedIn. An owner of a construction company, He contacted me a few times regarding updating his website but we never seem to connect to get started. The last time he contacting me  I was able to give him a good quote. However once I was able to review his site I discovered instead of WordPress he was using Wix. I let him know right away I never worked with Wix before.  After that I didn’t hear from him for a couple of month. Take in consideration the Coronavirus crisis was going on.

Forward to early May he reached out again ready to get started. Once again I reminded him I never worked with Wix. I even suggest switching to WordPress. He said, “ We’re confident you will do a great job despite it being your first time”. Well, how could I argue with such confidence.  So I went for it.

Let me just say I have been using WordPress for over 10 yrs and I will always love it. That being said Wix blew my mind! The way things are setup to make layout and design a breeze… I had so much fun updating their website, learning how everything works I basically complete the redesign within a few hours. Whoever created Wix did an amazing job. Such a good job I am going to add it as an option for future clients. That is huge for me to say since I have been a die hard WordPress fan. Don’t get me wrong WordPress is still my number one for now but it is nice to have other options. 

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