What is a one page website, and will your business or organization benefit from it? Let’s discuss if going the way of a traditional website vs more simple one will work best for your business. To clarify, a scrolling site can make your site mobile friendly and more affordable to build and maintain. In addition, I recommend these types of site to someone starting out new with a small business. Moreover, you may be introducing a product or service to the world. You may not have that much content to offer to start. In saying that it is the type of website you can build upon in the future.

A one-page site will enhance the visitors experience by allowing them to take in your content better. Above all, can you envision your own website in this awesome format? From the most creative to the more traditional businesses, this format has the potential to look and feel amazing. If you have short form content, freelance website, photography portfolio, local non-profit or any event-related website, then it’s worth considering.

Here are a few examples of websites I have designed for my clients.

Freight Broker Company
Cleaning Service Provider

Do you believe it’s time we have a discussion to see if a one page website is right for your business or non-profit? In conclusion, other websites are more expensive, a one page website only cost $500 for the layout and design.

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